Souvenir in fukuoka ranking 3, famous foods and local sweets!


Souvenir in fukuoka ranking 3!
What is the famous foods
and local sweets in Fukuoka?

I live in fukuoka for a long time.
So, I recommend souvenir of 
fukuoka for you!


Souvenir in fukuoka ranking 5, famous food and local sweets!

Best 1 : Menbei – sovenir of fukuoka

Menbei is japanese rice crackers.
The flavor is Mentaiko tastes.
Mentaiko is local food in fukuoka.

Mentaiko is spicy cod roe.
It’s expensive usually.
But you can enjoy the mentaiko
flavor at Menbei.

you can buy Menbei at some 
super markets or department 
stores and souvenir shops 
in fukuoka.

The price is almost here!

you can buy good price!
And you can give many 
friends the menbei.
There are some flover.
you can choose the tastes.

Best 2 : Tourimon-fukuoka sweets

Tourimon is very famous sweets
in fukuoka. 
Almost all of fukuoka citizen are 
know the sweets!

Sometimes, I asked to my friends 
about fukuoka’s special sweets.
Almost all of friends recommend
the Tourimon.

Tourimon is soft and chewy on the
outside. Inside is in white bean paste.
This combination is excellent!
I’d like you to have it.

You can buy the excellent fukuoka
sweets, Tourimon at department 
store or souvenir shops in fukuoka.

Tourimon sweets price is almost here!

Best 3 : Tonkotsu ramen

Do you know Tonkotsu ramen?
It’s famous in fukuoka.
Fukuoka is about Tonkotsu ramen!

Tonkotsu ramen is a pork bone
broth noodle.
It’s really thick.

You can have the tonkotsu ramen 
in fukuoka everywhere.
You can buy the tonkotsu ramen’s 
souvenir at some souvenir shops
or department store.

You can looking for cup noodle of 
Tonkotsu ramen at supermarket
store in fukuoka.

Here is Tonkotsu ramen’s souvenir!
You can check the price.

Have a good trip in fukuoka!